Royal Burgh of Sanquhar, Cornet’s Song - Posted July 31st, 2023

Our fair gem o’ Nithsdale, let nae man decry it,
Tak pride in our birthright and ne’er bring it shame,
We haud our heads high that we needna deny it,
But tell the world gladly that Sanquhar’s our name!

So here’s tae our Burgh – its romance and story,
That kindle auld mem’ries o’ days that are gone;
We pledge tae a future o’ still greater glory
And raise a proud glass tae shout –


We’ve Provost and Baillies and Council tae guide us,
Guid men we’ve elected mid public acclaim:
Support and sustain them should ill times betide us,
Let Sanquhar aye prosper; tae yet greater fame!

So here’s tae……

There’s Cornet and Ensign o’ highest degree,
Wi’ blyth Cornets Lass tae consort by their side;
When dut’s rewarded, their token maun be –
That Sanquhar aye minds them wi’ pleasure and pride.

So here’s tae…...

Then gather the Cornets, well mounted and ready,
Tae set round the Marches, and stablish our claim,
Ride true tae our forebears, be staunch sure and steady,
Tae honour our Cornet and Sanquhar’s fair name.

So here’s tae……