50 Year Celebration - Posted August 10th, 2021

Ivy Neuk Memorial Gardens was the venue for Ann Keeton to mark her 50 years since she received her sash of office as Cornet’s Lass, 1971.

Norman Burns represented the Cornets Club for this occasion to present Ann with honorary membership of the Cornets Club.

The 1971 Cornet was the late Bill Sanderson, Bill had worked at Century Aluminium and janitor at Sanquhar Primary School, a position that he was well respected by pupils and staff. The Sanderson name lives on with nephew Norman having been Ensign and great nephew Cameron being the current Cornet from 2019.

The 1971 Ensign was the late Jim Richmond, Jim was well known in Sanquhar and Kelloholm with being a shop owner, his last shop is now the Spar in Castle Street.  Jim’s granddaughter, Kelly Currie is the current Ensign from 2019, Jim would be really proud of his granddaughter.

The 1971 Queen was Margaret McMahon.

Ann Lethardy was born in Sanquhar and brought up at Conrick farm by Mum and Dad George and Jenny Lethardy. Ann had a nursing career and ending this by being a school nurse, she married Andrew Keeton and lives in Dumfries and is always to be seen at Queensberry square awaiting the return of the horses from Riding the Marches before the Coronation of the Sanquhar Queen.

Norman wished Ann all the very best of health for the future and presented her with the framed certificate and badge from the Cornets Club.