2023 principals - Posted May 16th, 2023

date for 2023 Riding of the Marches - Posted January 18th, 2023

19th August 2023 is the big day

Friday 11th August till Sunday 20th August 2023

2023 Principals and Queen’s Party - Posted January 18th, 2023

2023 Cornet elect, Lori Johnson

2023 Cornet’s Lass elect, Kelly Sanderson

2023 Ensign elect, Ross Jamieson

2023 Queen elect, Ellis Rundle

2023 attendants, first attendant Kiera Hunter, second attendant Evie Lindsay, third attendant Jorja Mitchell

2023 Herald, Finn Gibson

2023 Page, Frankie McNulty

congratulations, The Riding of the Marches Association wish our 2023 team all the very best for August, enjoy your week and year in office.

                                                   On – Sanquhar – On

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