2012 Riding of the Marches - Posted August 19th, 2012

The sunshine was that strong all the visitors and residents had to rub on

suncream for the big day on Saturday 18th, after the wet week for the

riders. The marches was wet underfoot for the riders but the sun came

out for the big day. The best crowd for the coronation of the Sanquhar

Queen by Mrs Betty Burns, followed by one of the biggest and best parades

with nine bands taking place. The Lorimer Park in the afternoon was

spectacular with bands, dog display and a first with a display with the Llamas.

The massed bands were out of this world, a huge crowd gathered and it all started with 400 orange ballons being released for the start of Day in the Region for 5, 6th & 7th October.

Well done Royal Burgh of Sanquhar