Riding of the Marches Walk - Posted November 6th, 2010

Following on from the 100 year celebrations why not take a walk round the marches.
1–Start at the tollbooth/museum the place for the swearing in of the Cornet, Cornet’s Lass and Ensign, read the new plaque beside water pump
2–Walk north along the the A76 trunk road to Lorimer park and admire the horse shoe sculpture, count the horse shoes, and read the second plaque
3–Walk north and bear right behind Sanquhar Academy school towards Crawick village keep walking along the road and you will see the site of the dumping stone, this stone is used on Marches day to dump the new Councillors
4– Follow the road round to the right and bear left at the re cycling depot for Lochside Farm and head for Mathews Folley, a viewing area has been built with local sandstone and a suitable enscribed plaque fixed to the wall and this area is where the Burgh flag is raised raised to announce the Royal Burgh is in festival
5– Head down the Mathews Folley and admire the 100 trees planted by Primary School children to mark 100 years of riding the marches they are Ash and Oak donated of Buccleuch Estates, another plaque has been built at the bottom of the folley to mark this event
6– Walk further down the hill and you are now back in the High Street and we hope you have had an enjoyable walk